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Dicono di Dj Master V da tutto il mondo


I have recently heard some of your mixes,probably the best soullfull house
mixes i have heard. I would like to know how many mixes u have, and their

I have downloaded your D.J. MASTER V. HOUSE SESSION – VOLUME 1 to VOLUME 5,
absolutley fantastic, do you have anything else i really like your sets


Ciao sono Loris (in arte Phoenix)
Ho suonato un paio d settimane fa nella sezione chill-out.
Ho chiesto ai ragazzi di music-gel se potevano passarmi la tua email.
Volevo complimentarmi con te sul mixato d questa settimana.. buona selezione
d tracce, ottimo mixaggio..
Complimenti veramente!

I like italian dj generally but your set is surely the best. Cool, 
sexy and rhythmical. I’d definitely have all your sets. I’m glad 
having met you.

Junko TSUNODA from Japan

<!http://Tripper.2ya.com_DjJackTripper233_49943&gt; its so very beautiful, thank you Master V for sharing this 🙂
<!http://Tripper.2ya.com_DjJackTripper233_49943&gt; you are Excellent Italian House DJ 😉
<!http://Tripper.2ya.com_DjJackTripper233_49943&gt; just gotta be honest


<Poor.Boy.Sandwich.420_60664> yes i did and i loved it 🙂 
<Poor.Boy.Sandwich.420_60664> i’m going to put my mp3 player in my car, and then i can get a spindle and have cd’s and cd’s of sets…. i’m so excited
<Poor.Boy.Sandwich.420_60664> course i need to put the player in

<DJ_FREEZE787_14402> your cd’s  were off the hook my freind  i loved them thanks….:))
<DJ_FREEZE787_14402> i loved them they were goreat…:)
<DJ_FREEZE787_14402> great
<DJ_FREEZE632_40514> u are a vey good dj  better then me
<DJ_FREEZE632_40514> i like your style of mix it is just like mine…:))
<DJ_FREEZE632_40514> but u are so good as a dj..:)

i will be here ok   …. i love your music i think u are a great dj better then me..:))

<DJ_FREEZE883_50657> dj master is  a good dj get his set ok  it rocks
<DJ_FREEZE139_35231> ok lets not get nuts here  dj master is a very good house dj…
<electrohound____djsets4u.com499_20194> i liked masters set..
<DJMissSwitch861_33789> yes, i likes it very very much!!
<Poor.Boy.Sandwich.420_19545> wanna tell you i love your new set… throwin tori in was great!  mmmm mmm
<Poor.Boy.Sandwich.420_19545> master, i know im not freeze, so it won’t matter that much… but (i really really loved limited edition)
<DJ_FREEZE___djsets4u.com129_59127> mixing was great ……….as always



Stefano Maggio:

ciao sono un tuo grandissimo ammiratore!!!grandissimo sound!!!ma una serata
a milano quando la proponi????


P.S.: Sono solo alcuni commenti



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