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The biography of Dj Master V

DJ since 1982

Since he was born he breathed the air of music and he got absorbed by the sounds of the musicband of his father.
The attraction for his father’s records was fatal and he immediately begun to handle them.
Up to 1980 he bought his first record and that’s when he discovered the passion of the sound of black, soul, jazz, r&b, funky and dance music from the UK and the USA.
DJ-Master-V was born as DJ with his true name in June 1982 on RADIO LUCANA STEREO.
In September of 1983 inside RADIO LUCANA STEREO was born MIX TIME TEAM which was composed by 4 DJs who alternated themselves during the whole weekly playsets.
They also started touring on several parties and in several clubs.
From June 1984 till September 1985 for DJ-MASTER-V started a new adventure on STUDIO REPORTER RADIO where he continued to feed more and more the passion for mix music. He begun to search more and more the warm sounds of black, soul to move up in house and soul- “flaires”.
In September 1985 he had to interrupt his activity as DJ at his usual radio and clubs because of a new adventure in his working life.
For all this time his passion for the music never died and he kept it alive with buying always new records and mixing in his private life whenever he had time.
He took back to mix in a Studio with his new equipment in January 1989.
Thanking music channel NAPSTER on the world wide web in March 2000 DJ-MASTER-V was born there with the intent to spread all his productions for the lovers of his music style on the web.
In September 2004, when also HOUSE SESSION was born, he started with his own one production of MIX TIME as one DJ and not 4 DJs like time ago.
With the new project of HOUSE SESSION the search for good house soulful and tribal music got deeper thanks the powerful persons at disposition on the internet.
So DJ-MASTER-V was proposed by force and new energy on the scene of the clubs and radios like also web radios of the whole world scene with the intent to recreate the same movement and style of MIX TIME and its most cult people of house nights.
With the arrival of 2005, HOUSE SESSION begun to spread seriously thanking the collaboration that was born with RADIO ACTIVITY and with the collaboration in April 2005 with WEB RADIO PLAY FM ( from Vienna, which contacted with emergent and international DJs.
In July 2005 DJ-MASTER-V also had a lot of success on WEB RADIO MUSICGEL (Brescia, Italy-, which has a lot of international contacts and a wide diffusion of 6 channels (house, chillout, electronic, dance, lounge and techno) and also a most available net going through whole Italy.
Collaborations which at last are consecrated over the contacts on the world wide web (chatrooms and filesharing) which DJs and and people of the night loved HOUSE SESSION that was born from the remembering old MIX TIME that DJ-MASTER-V concluded with MIX TIME – LIMITED EDITION – “UNLIMITED FREEDOM”.
The first live event of HOUSE SESSION was played in the discbar “Free Style Bar” in August the 11th 2005 in Dijon in France, with extreme curiosity for the rhythmic fusions by the comparison of DJ JP who proposed progressive sonority house music and by the Italian DJ-MASTER-V with his tribal house sound.
2006 now brings new and also important collaborations.
At first RADIO ERRE national and on web ( and then the web radios TIO CHANNEL (Switzerland) ( and PRESSURE RADIO from the UK ( and US………enjoy it! 😉


by Dj Master V


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