Why Not An Electro Sound’s Intro 4 1 Soulful & Tribal House Dj Set

Pubblicato: 7 gennaio 2009 in Dj Sets

Dj Master V – Why Not An Electro Sound’s Intro 4 1  Soulful & Tribal House Dj Set (26 Ottobre 2008)
(Electro Soulful Tribal Groove Garage Vocal House)

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enjoy it 😉
Bye Bye

Dj Master V

Equipment richiesto:
· 2 Piatti Technincs SL-1200MK2;
· 1 Mixer con pfl separato su singolo canale con 2 uscite line/rec;
· 2 Casse/Speaker Monitor vicino alla consolle;
· 2 Cdj Player opzionali


Dj Master V – Why Not An Electro Sound’s Intro 4 1 Soulful & Tribal House Dj Set (26 Ottobre 2008)

1    jarno                                                                    memories                                           rush hour – nl
2    don oliver feat. barbara tucker                                 better                                                 milk & sugar – d
3    chris lake feat. nastala                                          start again                                          rising summer series – uk
4    sasse                                                                  mount juneau                                      mule musiq – d
5    armin van buuren                                                   the sound of goodbye                          s2 / armind – d
6    kruse & nurnberg feat. t.nile                                   sunrise                                               slip n’slide – uk
7    floetry                                                                  so many things                                   restricted access – usa
8    chuck love & spur feat. jennifer grimm                     share it                                              large – usa
9    dj spen & the muthafunkaz pres. marc evans           (If You Want My Love)
                                                                                 Put Something Down On It                   defected – uk
10   ike therry pres. tdl & capasso                                cadillac car – part 2                             purple music – ch
11   luis radio feat. sabrina johnston                              hope & faith                                        city deep – usa
12   west district allstars feat. natasha watts                  reach up                                             enzyme black – uk
13   Sébastien Léger feat. Gia Mellish                           Hypnotized                                         hedkandi – uk
14   djd feat. phillipa alexander                                      "ball & chain (12"") "                            defected – uk
15   okada taxi feat. monique bingham                          come and live with me                         symple soul – usa
16   raul moros                                                            back 2 basics                                     soul furic trax – usa
17   gene king feat. sacha                                            changes                                             shelter – usa
18   kalim shabazz                                                      peak bomb                                         thugfucker – d
19   the blak beatnik                                                    change                                               progcity deep – d
20   jihad muhammad                                                  ascension, expansion, latin vibes         king street sounds – usa
21   ian friday pres. alex finkin & reverend p
      feat. jocelyn mathieu                                             fight for love                                        tea party – usa
22   terry hunter & byron stingily pres. stone island
      feat. carla proctor                                                  i waited for you                                   dope wax (promo) – usa
23   tortured soul                                                         your dream is my dream                      coco soul – usa
24   tovar                                                                    definition off                                        so sound – usa
25   mod feat. gee-k                                                     body language                                    m.o.d. – ch


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