The Last New Records Pack Of The Year 2008

Pubblicato: 7 febbraio 2009 in Dj Sets

Dj Master V – The Last New Records Pack Of The Year 2008 (23 Novembre 2008)
(Soulful Groove Garage Vocal House)

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Dj Master V
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Dj Master V

Equipment richiesto:
· 2 Piatti Technincs SL-1200MK2;
· 1 Mixer con pfl separato su singolo canale con 2 uscite line/rec;
· 2 Casse/Speaker Monitor vicino alla consolle;
· 2 Cdj Player opzionali


Dj Master V – The Last New Records Pack Of The Year 2008 (23 Novembre 2008)

1 mark e                                                           fazer                               sonar kollektiv – d
2    azuni                                                             Last Time                         sthlmaudio (double) – d
3    naked music                                                  hurry                               naked music – usa
4    robert owens                                                never give up                  compost – d
5    azuni                                                             Use Me                            sthlmaudio (double) – d
6    azuni                                                             Miss Brown                    sthlmaudio (double) – d
7    azuni                                                             Remember That Girl        sthlmaudio (double) – d
8    manoo                                                           abyss                              deeply rooted house – f
9    rasmus faber feat. linda sundblad                everything is alright         falplane – uk
10   leela james                                                   my prayer                        restricted access – usa
11   mood ii swing pres. lem feat. tara j              reach 4 you                     strictly rhythm – uk
12   robert owens                                               happy                              compost – d
13   manoo                                                          club z                             deeply rooted house – f
14   kerri chandler feat. treasa ‘diva’ fennie       heal my heart                 king street sounds – usa
15   fish & chips vs feel good productions         bouncing in draut           jolly roger – ita
16   poussez vs. demarkus lewis
      feat. hannah khemoh passin thru                     tone control – uk
17   WIPE THE NEEDLE                                        Back In The Day              4th floor / suburban – uk
18   azuni                                                            I Feel For You                  sthlmaudio (double) – d
19   azuni                                                            Can’t Forget                       sthlmaudio (double) – d
20   quentin harris feat. jason walker                 "can’t stop (12"") "         strictly rhythm – uk
21   kemal                                                            Keep It Movin indeependent – ch
22   ROY DAVIS JR                                             Give It Up                        4th floor / suburban – uk
23   dennis ferrer feat. k.t. brooks                      run free                           king street – usa
24   sava bien                                                     tropical hurricane           ? – usa
25   james deron                                                 We Love This Music      purple music tracks – ch
26   rachel claudio                                               freedom – part II               jaffa – f
27   soul harmonics feat. rachel claudio             these times                     jaffa – f
28   kemal feat. maiya i surrender                    purple music – ch
29   anthony romeno feat. jaze knight                 my home                         purple music – ch


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